The New Wave - Offense v. Defense

There are a couple of ways to look lead generation.

You can be on offense or you can be on defense.

I have always been of the opinion that you win by putting points on the board and by being adequate on D. Yes, you can win with D, but give me LeBron, Curry, KD, Brady, Rodgers or Manning any day and we can do some damage. It is more fun too!

If you are in the real estate marketing space, technology has put more and more tools at your disposal for you to get to your prospects. BUT it often puts you in a defensive position. While I still love direct mail, it makes you sit back and wait for it to work. What do you do in the week to 10 days before it drops? You wait. That is defense. SEO, Facebook Ads.... you wait. That's defense. You are waiting for someone to ask for your help.

The New Wave of Offensive lead generation is here, but man is it old school. Just utilizes a touch of tech.

Cold Calling.2017

I know you have been hearing about it. Just reach out and touch (talk to) someone. It is the most high powered offense around.

I love it.

The problem is execution. How in the heck do you get contact info for a list of 3000-5000 that you would normally just mail postcards to? How long will it take you to actually call that many people and talk to them? To follow up with them? To answer them when they call you back? Who has time for all that. Who can manage it?

Therein, lies the rub.

We can help you crack the code and unleash you inner high powered offense though.

Go to and schedule 25mins for us to speak. Let's see what we can do

That way we can go over anything you want and help you start putting some more points on your scoreboard!

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