Lists versus Leads (hint: LEADS are waaay BETTER)

There’s a major difference between lists and Leads.

Here is the scene. You are a 15 year old man-ish-boy-ager and there is a pretty girl in another class you'd like to date. She has no clue you are alive, but you are determined to find a pretty date.

If you are a guy, we have all been there.

Ladies, this is the basics of how we learn to talk to girls.

As a guy you have 2 options. The hard one and the easy one.

  • Summon up some courage, walk up to her cold, create the magic out of thin air & ask her out (not smart for most of us, but ironically, it's how I found my wife at my job ;-) so... good luck with that)

  • Get a hook-up. (i.e. have one of her friends gauge interest for you, maybe co-sign on your positive date-ability score and introduce the two of you.)

Now, I'm no Casanova. I can honestly say that except for God's help with my wife, I've struck out more times with the first option than I will ever admit. It was way too pressure-filled, way too nerve wracking. Hated It.

Option 2 however, made life a bit easier. While #2 doesn't always work, it was waaay more effective in terms of talking to pretty girls that might, you know, ACTUALLY DATE ME. I felt way more confident and selective knowing in advance that I had a shot.

Back to real estate investing. The difference between lists and leads is an important thing.

Here is the distinction. The girl that you don't know, but want to date is a list. Public records are lists. You can drive around looking for vacant houses to get a list. You can go to companies like your local title company or companies like List Source. Anyone can go to a variety of companies and can buy lists. Usually you buy a list and they send you an Excel spreadsheet. It can have anything from addresses to names, emails, phone numbers and any variation of information on those lists.

But lists are not what every real estate investor desperately needs. Lists are not LEADS.

Quickly, let me explain the difference. Lists are outbound, meaning you bought these lists but the people on them don’t know anything about you. You have a list of people but they don’t know that you even exist. For anything to happen those lists have to go outbound. So, YOU have to figure out what to do next, and YOU have to go contact them. You have to make the magic happen out of thin air. Nerve wracking.

Whereas LEADS are inbound, meaning people of a certain desirable criteria are contacting you or responding to your marketing. As we keep stressing, in real estate investing, you ONLY get paid for converting motivated seller leads 2Dealz.

So...which has greater value to you your business?

A list with work still to be done or a targeted LEAD, all tee'd up and wanting to talk to you?

I suggest using a friend that can get you the hook-up (ahem


Truly, what would happen in your business if you ONLY FOCUED ON TURNING GREAT LEADS INTO REVENUE.

We can hook you up at

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