Are You Insecure? Deal Insecure, that is...

2 Simple questions determine your deal insecurity:

  1. Where is your next deal coming from?

  2. When is it coming?

Are you satisfied with your answers???! I would like to posit that no matter your past success in real estate investing, you should NOT be happy with your answers. There is always another deal to be done.

So.... what are you going to do about it?

The SECURITY of your business is ALL based on lead flow.

Like most people, if you don't have a GREAT lead flow, you may respond by working harder -- spending even MORE hours toiling away at it. Maybe you jazz up your website... or perhaps you mail out three or four times as much marketing as you were mailing out before... talk to more Realtors... go deeper in scouring Craigslist.... pay out the a$$ for PPC...

Or you quit and say it is what it is.

But increasing effort using the same old methods to trickle in LESS THAN the # of leads you really want, over and over again... and suddenly expecting a surge in response... is like wearing bad cologne every day, and suddenly expecting it to smell nice!

Consistent motivated seller lead generation holds the keys to your budding real estate mogul empire. Investor or wholesaler, I don't care if you use Realtors, wholesalers, bird dogs, bandit signs, drive for dollars, pull county records, do your own marketing or whatever; A consistent and tremendous flow of leads is your lifeblood. No leads, no business. Some leads, maybe some business. Great leads, consistently... do I really have to say it??

OK, I will... with great leads consistently, you will consistently CRUSH IT!

Here is the deal. You may have mistakenly allowed a comfy place for deal insecurity to kick up its feet and rest in your real estate investment business, but now is the time to tell it to SCAT!

Take control of your lead flow NOW.

I'm out.


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