Sample Leads

We can show you way better than we can tell you.

Let the true quality of the leads speak for themselves.


Note: these are REAL calls and the voicemails are slightly edited to protect the identity of the innocent.

Mark is ready right now.





NOTE: Our client reported back. He went to visit the house that day and locked the deal up immediately!

New Lead - Mark
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Ozzie calls back to cut a deal!





NOTE: Ozzie called back several times. Our client reports he was even willing to offer seller financing with a ridiculously tiny down payment to buy his house. The place rents for $1450/month. Cha CHING!



New Lead - Ozzie
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Maryann is tired of her realtor.





Note: You would be suprised how many deals come from people that list with a realtor, find out the TRUE market price for their house, and then come looking for a cash deal to save on fees!

New Lead - Maryann
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Any of these leads and many more like it can find their way to your inbox in a matter of days. Take action NOW before someone else gets the deal!!