Here's how we get the job done and you find your next deal...



3 Step Process:




  1. Select your Lead Package

  2. Let us know:

    • your ideal property criteria (beds, baths, sqft)

    • how you would like your leads delivered (real time or daily at selected times)

  3. We go to work setting up your campaign:

    • purchase and scrub the list (not to be rude but... trust us, our list IS better than yours)

    • format targeted copy for the mailpiece,

    • and set up a voicemail box with a unique phone number to handle incoming calls.


YOU start calling sellers and locking up deals!



To put it bluntly: IT WORKS!


  • First, YOU get the ball rolling and control the conversation with the seller.

  • YOU also skip the line and do not have to wait for the seller to seek out the marketplace for assistance selling their home.

  • YOU become the top-of-mind buyer and position yourself for referals.

  • It enables you to pre-qualify the leads and save time by eliminating suspects to focus on true prospects.

  • It puts a TANGIBLE document in the seller's hands that can remain in their custody until they need it.

  • It is predictable, proactive and extraordinarily cost-effective. 



Are the leads any good?


NOPE. They are f*@kin' AMAZING!


  • We mail to Absentee Owners who have owned a property in your target area matching your criteria for at least 10 years.

  • We send them a postcard or letter explaining that an investor is looking for property to purchase soon.

  • The mailing instructs them to call a phone number which we setup.

  • When the prospect calls, they go through an initial prescreening that further explains that you’re an investor looking for a good deal on a property to buy very quickly.

  • If they’re still interested, they’re instructed to leave a message with their name, phone number, address of the property for sale, and their asking price.

  • That message is then sent directly to your inbox and you follow up as you see fit. Negotiate the deal, wholesale it or make a boatload of money fixing and flipping.

  • Take a Listen




If you are a wholesaler, spend less money finding better deals and sell them to investors that don't know about us.


If you are an investor, it’s like buying a wholesale property without having to cut the wholesaler in on the deal, which saves you money! Plus, YOU negotiate the deal – you’re not locked into someone else's purchase contract.